Honda of the future: what will the interiors look like?

Honda of the future: what will the interiors look like?


Honda decided to change the interior design of its models and showed in which direction it will develop in the near future. The new concept is called simplicity and something, that is, “simplicity and something else”.

In truth, Honda is not going to offer anything revolutionary. According to Jonathan Norman, creative director of interior design at American Honda Motor Co., he and his team have just redefined the classic “maximum man-minimum machine” approach and got rid of the so-called visual clutter. The emphasis in future Hondas will shift to maximizing useful space. Well, the number of “mechanical components”, that is, those that relate to the functioning of the car, on the contrary, will be minimized.

The main pillars of the design concept will be the individuality and emotional response of the driver and passengers – that very something. For this, the smallest design details will be responsible, for example, the textured pattern on the transmission selector or carefully selected finishing materials. The example sketch (cover photo) also shows that Honda, unlike other manufacturers, is not yet going to completely abandon traditional controls. At least on the climate control unit and under the screen of the multimedia system, the familiar buttons are still located. Ventilation deflectors, like Tesla, hidden.

All this, obviously, will primarily go to cars with alternative power plants. Indeed, by the beginning of the next decade, according to the company’s forecasts, battery and hydrogen models will account for up to 40 percent of sales in key markets (most likely the USA, Europe, China and Japan). By 2035, their share will be 80 percent, and by 2040, Honda will only sell green cars.

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    Is the new wagon Honda Accord

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