Honda patented an electric sports car

Honda patented an electric sports car

In the Japanese patent office has an image of the serial sports coupe Honda, according to the Dutch edition Apparently, we are talking about a model with zero emissions, designed in the style of the recent Honda hatchback e.

For Honda e car patent images are similar because of the round front optics. But even more reminiscent of shoukar Sports coupe EV, which was presented at the motor show in Tokyo in 2017. The differences lie in the proportions: if the concept had a short rear overhang and long hood, this sport coupe more reminiscent of the model with mid-engine layout.

That the published pictures depicted exactly the electric car, indicates the absence of exhaust pipes and a traditional radiator grille. Confirmation of this theory is that Honda earlier reported about the possible appearance of a production electric sports car in 2020 in the framework of the strategy of the company Electric Vision.

You may also notice that the car has no visible door handles and side mirrors. It is possible that the company uses the technology Side Mirror Camera System, which was previously tested for Honda e: instead of mirrors on the sides of the car install a camera, the image which is displayed on two six-inch display on the edges of the dashboard. The advantage of the Side Mirror Camera System is that the modules are so compact that does not extend beyond the wheel arches, 90 percent reduce the resistance to air flow and 3.8 per cent improve the overall aerodynamics of the car.