Honda plans to achieve zero accident rate

Honda plans to achieve zero accident rate


The Honda brand intends to introduce artificial intelligence (AI) technologies into its cars, as well as achieve, thanks to them, zero accidents and deaths on the roads by 2050. This is reported in a plan for the development of artificial intelligence technologies, published by the Japanese automaker on Friday, November 26.

The essence of the proposed updates is that, having all the necessary cameras and sensors, Honda cars continuously monitor the driver’s condition, as well as the current situation on the road. Smart technologies, in turn, will have to warn the motorist about the appearance of any obstacles on the roadway or approaching educational institutions, parking lots along the highway, pedestrian crossings and other potentially dangerous areas.

It is planned to alert the driver about potential dangers in several ways: visual and sound signals, vibration of the driver’s seat, tightening the seat belt, steering and braking, as well as other actions that can help reduce the risk of a traffic accident.

Honda’s production cars equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) safety technologies are slated to enter production in the second half of the 2020s. It is not yet known which models will receive the “smart” functions first.

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