Honda Rebel 1100 motorcycle ready for production

Honda Rebel 1100 motorcycle ready for production


Rumors about the new Honda Rebel 1100 have been circulating for some time. Honda has registered several patents with the US Patent Office, which show schematic drawings of the Honda Rebel with the Africa Twin engine and DCT.

The motorcycle shown in the patents is fully ready for production. In the diagrams, we can highlight the new suspension design, which, apparently, is the result of installing a new motor in the Rebel frame.

The Rebel 1100 looks more massive and larger than the current Rebel 300 and Rebel 500 models. This makes sense, given the significant growth in work volume and productivity. In General, the bike can turn out very decent.

The exhaust system and rear suspension of the Honda Rebel 1100 are significantly different from the rebel 300 and Rebel 500 components. Recently, Japanese manufacturers have focused on sportbikes, neikeds, neo classics, touring motorcycles, but soon Honda will probably dilute the series of novelties with a decent Cruizer.

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