Honda recalls new Odyssey

Honda recalls new Odyssey


Previously, minivans were recalled due to electric sliding doors that could open while driving and a faulty rear-view camera. Odyssey is now being recalled for another inconsistency, in which the tire supplier took the blame.

According to a notice filed by Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, at least 7,739 tires are believed to have been produced with a hole in the inner surface of the tire. Of these tires, 6,064 were shipped to Honda, which fitted the low-quality tires, namely the P235 / 60 by 18-inch all-season Turanza EL440, for a total of 181 minivans.

If left unchecked, slow air leaks can affect tire performance and therefore increase the risk of an accident. The rubber in question does not meet the requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard. Registered owners will be contacted on 18 November. authorized sellers were instructed to check all four tires and replace the defective Turanza EL440. Of course, owners who paid for the replacement of a virtually new tire out of their own pocket will be compensated.

After 170,000 cars were sold in the US in 2005, 2006 and 2007, the Odyssey has slowly but definitely lost popularity among American families. The Pilot currently sells much better, but nonetheless, Honda’s best-selling nameplate in the United States is the CR-V compact SUV.

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