Honda released the first production drone Legend

Honda released the first production drone Legend


The Japanese automaker is planning next summer to bring to the local market Legend luxury sedan with an advanced Autonomous control system.

According to the international classification of unmanned transport technology, which will equip the model, corresponds to the third level of autonomy. In Japan Legend will be the first production car of this level of autonomy.

In the spring of next year in the local laws on road traffic will make amendments that will allow operation of unmanned vehicles on public roads. It is expected that from this point on will increase competition among the developments in this field.


Due to the high degree of autonomy, drivers will be able to take your hands off the wheel and foot off the pedals, and completely distracted from the road in dense traffic conditions on the highway. If there is an unexpected situation or outcome of the plot with dense flow, the system will beep to indicate that it requires the participation of the driver.

The unmanned system is, of course, would greatly increase the cost of the sedan — roughly 10 million yen. The current modification of the Legend for sale at a price of 7.2 million yen.

At the moment on the roads of Japan drives a lot of cars on the second level of autonomy (mainly BMW and Nissan) — this system still allows the driver to look away from the road and necessitates constant control

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