Honda releases two millionth N-BOX

Honda releases two millionth N-BOX


Honda announced that total sales of the N-BOX key car for the entire production period of the model exceeded 2 million units as of the end of May 2021.

Recall that the first generation of N-BOX went on sale in 2011, the second one entered the market in 2017. Thus, it took nine years and five months to reach the milestone of 2 million units. The N-BOX is the fastest selling Honda model to date.

The millionth car rolled off the assembly line in December 2016. It turns out that the first million took exactly five years, and the second – four years and five months.

Honda N-BOX has been a bestseller among kei cars for many years. So, according to the results of April this year, 16,733 of these cars were sold in Japan. The closest competitor on the market, Suzuki Spacia, lagged more than one and a half times behind – 10 802 sold cars in April.

The Honda N-BOX is powered by a 0.66-liter engine that develops 58 or 64 hp. The drive can be front or full, the transmission is only a continuously variable variator.

The minimum cost of an N-BOX in the Japanese market is 1,428,900 yen (about $ 13,100 at current exchange rates).

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    Is the new wagon Honda Accord

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