Honda showed a hydrogen-powered Clarity Fuel Cell sedan 2020

Honda showed a hydrogen-powered Clarity Fuel Cell sedan 2020


With the revision of the sedan was involved in the American branch of Honda. The changes affected not only the appearance of the model, but the list of available options and additional equipment.

The American division of Honda revealed a hydrogen Fuel Cell sedan Clarity 2020 model year. Call the upgrade a full upgrade, but fans of the Japanese brand will certainly appreciate the new features of the sedan. Thus, experts upgraded the warning system pedestrian Audible Vehicle Alert System (AVAS), which comes into operation at speeds up to 20 km/h and equipped the model with black heated mirrors. And in the version Platinum White brown salon is now considered standard.

In the palette available for exterior shades of paint Bordeaux Red gave way to a new color of Crimson Pearl.


In addition, during the upgrade, the engineers have worked on the characteristics of cold weather starting. So, in the normal operation of fuel cells, you can expect temperatures up to – 30 degrees Celsius. While access Clarity Fuel Cell has received only the residents of California. On the development of local networks of hydrogen filling stations in the state, Honda did not regret more than $ 14 million. Currently, motorists here can take advantage of 40 points, these dressings. At one gas station sedan will be able to drive around 579 miles on the EPA standard.

In the presence of the gas stations would have bought the Honda on hydrogen?

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    Is the new wagon Honda Accord

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