Honda Step WGN stepped into the sixth generation

Honda Step WGN stepped into the sixth generation


Honda kicked off 2022 well with the introduction of the sixth generation of the Step WGN family minivan, which has been on the home market for over 25 years. True, the technical characteristics and other indicators were not disclosed, limiting themselves only to the publication of photographs of the exterior and interior.

Judging by the pictures, the minivan retained its recognizable square shape, but lost the transformable Waku Waku tailgate: before the doors opened sideways and upward, but now it is a holistic structure that works in only one direction. It has a sensor that prevents collisions with other objects.

The exterior has become more modern, and its design depends on the level of trim with a different radiator grille, an abundance of chrome or black inserts. But the highlight of the new Step WGN is the interior: there is enough space inside overhead, and it is also very light due to the large windows. A 10.2-inch digital instrument cluster and an 11.4-inch large infotainment screen towering over the dash are striking. There is a full shelf above the glove compartment.

The second row consists of a pair of captain’s chairs, and they can move from side to side, as well as back and forth, which is very convenient in cases where the parent needs the child to be closer to his seat. The armchairs can be converted into a large bed.

The predecessor was offered with two engines: gasoline and hybrid e: HEV. Apparently, both have passed to a new generation, but the exact data will be revealed only closer to the spring, when live sales start.

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