Honda talked about the multimedia capabilities of its electric car e Honda

Honda talked about the multimedia capabilities of its electric car e Honda

Honda said the functions of the five displays, which are equipped with a Honda e electrocar. These screens take up the whole width of the front panel.

Honda finally told in detail about the multimedia capabilities of its electric car e Honda. Fans of the brand were interested in five displays, which should take almost the entire front panel. With their help, the driver will receive information about the operation of the engine, and also to see cameras side review and much more. Each of the high-resolution displays has its own function. For example, the screens next to the uprights – part of the camera system side view on the Central displays the picture from rear camera, but directly in front of the driver posted a screen diagonal of 8.8 inches, which shows current charging status, range and the selected driving mode. However, most of the space on the panel took two of the touch screen of 12.3 inches.

To manage all this electronic variety is possible with a conventional smartphone. If desired, the displays can be customized for driver or passenger, and the transition between applications is via a swipe. Not without Wi-Fi and support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

In addition, Honda e gets a voice assistant that can self-learn through artificial intelligence. Also new electric car is supported by a digital key in the form of mobile apps. Serial e Honda promise to show this year. He will receive a 150-horsepower electric motor and a traction battery capacity of 35.5 kWh. Without recharging electric new from Honda will be able to travel about 200 kilometers. Pre-order on e Honda was launched back in may in some European countries. The number of applications for the novelty has already crossed the mark of 36 000.