Honda, Toyota, Ford and Fiat has thrown all efforts to resume operation of its production plants

Honda, Toyota, Ford and Fiat has thrown all efforts to resume operation of its production plants


Ford Motor Co. (SPB: F), Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Honda Motor Co. and Toyota Motor Corp. taking steps to resume its North American factories, which were closed for the protection of workers against coronavirus.

Plants planned to open in early or mid April, which will restore the largest source of income for automakers, which tend to reflect the revenue in its accounts after the delivery of cars in dealerships.

In Ford’s press release issued on Thursday, reported that the company intends to resume production at five Assembly plants in North America. It will start with the plant in Mexico is scheduled to open April 6. From April 14, will be restored by the operation of four plants in the United States.


The trade Union of workers of motor industry of the USA (United Auto Workers, UAW) reacted to the decision by Ford is quite skeptical.

“We approach this statement with great concern and caution. Our priority is the health and safety of our members, their families and the American people,” reads the statement of the President Rory Gamble UAW.

Ford along with other members of the “Detroit three” – General Motors (SPB: GM) Co. Fiat and Chrysler – were forced to temporarily shut down factories in North America under pressure from the trade Union, which expressed concern about the safety of workers.

Fiat Chrysler is going to start to restore production at its plants in the U.S. and Canada on April 14, depending on state restrictions and the willingness of enterprises. GM said that while no decision when to resume operations.

Japanese carmaker Honda wants to reopen their factories in the United States and Canada on April 7, a week later than originally planned, while Toyota plans to open their businesses in North America on April 20.


Most automakers say that they will continue to monitor the situation with the spread of the coronavirus and will adjust their decisions if necessary.

In Italy, which on Thursday extended the quarantine measures on most of the heavy industry, the factories remain closed. However, the Italian manufacturer Ferrari sports cars NV said on Friday that as of April 14, plans to reopen their facilities in Maranello and Modena, located in Northern Italy. The automaker has promised to provide further guidance on may 4, when they published financial results for the first quarter.

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