Honda unveiled an electric crossover based on the HR-V

Honda unveiled an electric crossover based on the HR-V

The Chinese car market is moving steadily in the direction of electrification, so it is not surprising that even Honda has made the basic model of the stand at the exhibition in Shanghai electric crossover X-NV, created exclusively for the local market.

X-NV is a joint development of the Chinese branch of company Honda and Dongfeng Honda. Crossover constructed on the basis of Honda HR-V, to be precise – XR-V, as it was the model sold in China. Compared to the XR-V concept has received updated front and back, and blue accents on the body.

Despite the fact that this concept, while the interior is hidden behind tinted Windows, the car almost ready for production and will go on sale in China in the second half of 2019. Most likely, Honda is simply not fully worked interior.

Details of the concept X-NV yet, except for appearance, but he’ll probably get the same powerplant as the model of Everus VE-1 – one, built on the basis of HR-V and sold exclusively in China. We are talking about the electric motor 161 HP and 280 Nm, which is battery-powered 53 kW.

Everus VE-1 and the new Honda X-NV is part of the company strategy, to ensure that by the year 2025 to bring the Chinese market more than 20 new electric models. Honda also plans to introduce in China hybrid versions of its cars from 2020.