Honda will accelerate the transition to electric

Honda will accelerate the transition to electric


The Japanese automaker could accelerate the transition to electric vehicles if EU authorities ban the sale of cars with classic internal combustion engines as early as 2035.

Honda Motor CEO Toshihiro Mibe said, “If the rules change, we will have no choice but to respond.” A representative of the brand said that the transition to the sale of electrified models “can be accelerated.” This applies to both fully electric and hybrid models. The automaker will assess the current electrification plan for the lineup and “make adjustments” if necessary.

Recall that Toshihiro Mibe took office in April and then he promised to exclude ordinary cars with internal combustion engines from sales by 2040. All models equipped with internal combustion engines will gradually be replaced by electric cars or fuel cell vehicles.

It turned out that the European Union intends to accelerate electrification and completely switch to electric cars by 2035. This step could be one of the measures aimed at achieving Europe’s goal of becoming the world’s first continent with zero greenhouse gas emissions.

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