Honda will be the first to replace the entire lineup with electric cars

Honda will be the first to replace the entire lineup with electric cars


The brand’s management announced its intention to end the production of cars with traditional internal combustion engines by 2040. This made the brand the first among Japanese automakers to take this step.

Earlier, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said that the country is moving to a new path of development, announcing the achievement of carbon neutrality by 2050. The official stressed that the automakers who are the first to support the trend will have an advantage in the market.

However, these words did not push the country into the era of electrification, since today there are only 1% of cars without internal combustion engines from the country’s total vehicle fleet. In China, for example, this figure has already reached 6%.

As for the Honda brand, now it offers the only electric car – Honda e. The brand plans to put into production two mass-segment crossovers by 2024, which will be built on the Ultium platform from General Motors. Such an emphasis on electric trains is understandable – the company receives more than 50% of its revenue in the North American market, where there is a high demand for electric vehicles.

Note that as part of the reorientation to the production of environmentally friendly vehicles, the company announced its intention to close the plant in the city of Sayama, as well as to stop the production of cars with internal combustion engines in Europe. Honda Motor’s main focus is now on hybrids and EVs.

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