Honda will conduct tests of drones of joint development with GM

Honda will conduct tests of drones of joint development with GM


In September 2021, Honda will begin preparations for large-scale tests of self-driving cars, developed jointly with the American company Cruise, a division of General Motors that develops autonomous control systems. This was reported by the press service of the Japanese automaker.

The drone tests will take place in the cities of Utsunomiya and Haga in Tochigi Prefecture. At the initial stage of testing, Honda will create a detailed digital road map of settlements using a special vehicle that will travel along all routes.

In 2022, an active phase of testing will begin, when drones based on the urban electric car Chevrolet Bolt EV will enter public roads in certain areas. Artificial intelligence with machine learning will gather information to teach electronics to make the right decisions, taking into account the peculiarities of Japanese traffic and traffic rules.

In the future, Honda intends to launch its own autonomous taxi service in Japan. At the same time, the fleet will include American-developed Cruise Origin unmanned shuttles.

The fact that Honda and General Motors will jointly develop cars with automatic control became known in January 2021. In addition, the two companies are collaborating on electrical machine technology. So, in 2024, a new Japanese-American Prologue crossover will appear.

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