Honda will introduce an Autonomous concept Honda Concept Augmented Driving

Honda will introduce an Autonomous concept Honda Concept Augmented Driving


With the approach of summer auto show in Detroit next major stop for brands will be the consumer electronics show CES.

Among automotive innovations had announced a concept from Honda, the details of which were not disclosed. It is known that the novelty is designed to demonstrate the new control scheme, completely centered on the wheel.

The car is a two-door convertible with cut down windshield in the style of a Speedster. It’s a bit like sverhsrochnoy Honda E with the top cut off. The front part stands out particularly plastic round headlights. The interior is ultra-minimalist: two rows of seats, almost no buttons and multimedia. The only place of driver interaction with the car — the steering wheel.


The steering wheel does some traditional stuff, in particular, turning the car left and right. But Honda also moved the gas and brake on the steering wheel. You push the wheel forward to accelerate and pull it back to slow down. Here even launched by double-clicking on the steering wheel at the top.

Like any futuristic concept car these days, Augmented Driving Concept has autopilot. In a press release, Honda says that there are eight levels of Autonomous driving — from human control to fully automatic mode. The company did not specify how different the other six levels and combine the part of the driver.

Honda fully Augmented Driving Concept debuts at CES with a 7 to 10 January. In the near future we are waiting for more details about the new product.

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