Honda will introduce in the USA a new airbag

Honda will introduce in the USA a new airbag


Americans in understandable terminology Honda compares airbag with a baseball glove-trap: it captures the head of the rider, shielding and protecting her from the top and sides.

Starting in 2020 of Honda cars in America will be equipped with arbaham a new generation of passenger. The pillow was developed together with the Swedish supplier Autoliv, consists of one inflatable chamber, and three. Moreover, there is a fourth component: when deployed between the two side compartments stretched “sailing bar”.

Innovative pillow should be particularly useful in frontal attacks at an angle, which can cause a sharp rotation of the head of the passenger or slipping with airbag.


American engineers from the center of Honda R&D Americas in Ohio, when you create a pillow researched real emergency and conducted a range of tests. Now they believe that the “revolutionary technology” will determine the safety of passengers “for many years to come”. Of eyrbeg released as part of the Safety for Everyone (“all safer”), part — inclusion of the Honda Sensing system, and AcuraWatch in the basic equipment.

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