Honda’s new full-sized bike with V4

Honda’s new full-sized bike with V4


The network crawled another rumor regarding the development of a V4 engine for the Superbike, which will be ready by 2023.

The current VFR800F engine has not been significantly upgraded for several years, even despite the tightening of harmful exhaust standards to Euro5 and analogues in other regions other than Europe. Thus, the Japanese manufacturer has two options, and the second is to develop a new engine from scratch to create a new line of motorcycles, which everyone has long dreamed of. Honda has always offered the V4 in some configuration, since the original VFR burst into the market in 2002 with VTEC technology.

It will be very interesting to see a full-size V4 that can compete with the Aprilia Tuono (RSV4) or Ducati V4, so we are talking about a liter or even more.

Tetsuhiro Kuwata, Director of HRC, spoke in an interview about the prospects of the V4 engine in Motorsport. He stated that there is little chance to displace the inline four, since the current configuration fully meets the requirements. However, he did not comment when asked about the idea of a new V4 for road bikes.

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  • Felix CintronNovember 3, 2021 23:21

    Is the new wagon Honda Accord

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