Hot hatch Ford Focus RS will go on electric four-wheel drive

Hot hatch Ford Focus RS will go on electric four-wheel drive


British Car Magazine has published details about the “charged” Ford Focus next generation. The hot hatch will be electrified, along with a mild hybrid module, the “Focus” will appear independent motor for transmitting traction only on the rear axle.

Car Magazine reviewers are confident that the implementation of all-wheel drive system by an electric power on the new Focus RS debuts the unit eTwinster, consisting of a two-step transmission and the motor. The system will allow dosing of torque to each rear wheel individually, that is, in the hot-hatch will be implemented vectoring thrust. It is expected that the capabilities of the electric motor enough for the full drift mode.


According to estimates by the British media, the capacity of 2.3-liter Ford EcoBoost turbo engine will reach 400 horsepower – the same amount announced for the new generation Volkswagen Golf R. possibly for a hot hatch is available to order a six-speed manual transmission or semidiaphanous “robot”.

Premiere of the new Ford Focus RS will be held at the end of 2020. The main point of reference for “hot” hatchbacks remain a family of Mercedes-AMG A 45 – most productive version with the turbo 2.0 M139 razvivayut 421 horsepower and 500 Nm of torque.

With cardan shaft or electric type all-wheel drive is better for the Focus RS?

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