Hot hatch Renault Megane RS will undergo a modest upgrade

Hot hatch Renault Megane RS will undergo a modest upgrade


The current “air-esque” was launched on the European market in December 2017. Time for a major reform has not yet come. Apparently, therefore, the only innovation on my face see “cilia” in the headlights.


The family Renault Megane, dressed in a light camouflage, has been actively tested on the roads of Spain. They say the fruits of the restyling we will see after a few days in Frankfurt. It is also clear that significant change in appearance will not be — the only correction in nuance. “Charged” Megane RS proves this. Subtle differences can be seen only in lighting technology.

If normal Megane necessarily get anything from the new Renault Clio, the power unit “er-Eski” revision is not threatened. Turboservice 1.8 “in the database” produces 280 HP and 390 N•m, whereas in versions of the Trophy and Trophy-R power increases to 300 HP and torque up to 400-420 nm. Instead of the six-speed “mechanics” you can order a “robot” EDC. According to rumors, the Megane RS has a right to expect improved digital tidy, a new media hub R-Link touchscreen with diagonal of 9.3 inches and, of course, the additional driver assistance system.

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