Hot Honda Civic Type R has received particularly harsh version

Hot Honda Civic Type R has received particularly harsh version


Rumor has it that with her Honda will go in the quest for the “Holy Grail” – the title of the record Nurburgring among peredneprivodnogo.

Now the fastest among the hatchback without all-wheel drive on the famous track is considered to be the Renault Megane R. S. Trophy-R: the reference distance, he managed to do it in 7:40, ahead of “civic” for 3 seconds. To still put “Megan” in place, in Honda build a special modification of the “Toper”, and in order not to deprive her of the status of the serial car, the hatch will be called Limited Edition and will release a limited edition.

One of the main differences between the limited edition Civic Type R will be less weight: set of forged BBS wheels resulted in savings of 8.1 kg, the rejection of noise insulation and air ducts for rear passengers – even 12.7 kg, while the European market this car will go without multimedia system and air conditioning (though buyers in the US, these options will remain).


The pyatidverka retuned suspension, bringing its characteristics to the track standards, and re-outcalibrate steering gear, and “shod” sports car planned in the tires Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2. To make it easier to distinguish the Limited Edition from a regular “duperow”, it is planned to paint the new colour Phoenix Yellow (pictured) with black contrasting accents. In addition, each hatch will receive a personal plaque with the instance number. Changes in the motor are not reported.

How many will be born such a hardcore pyatidverok is unknown, but the North American market Honda promises to deliver not more than six hundred.

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