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A popular aggregator of insurance and financial products launched a new section – comprehensive insurance. When making a request through the service, the customer promises to return up to 10% of the cost of the policy. The selection and purchase of the policy passes without the pressure of an insurance agent, additional fees and other “gotchas.”

Hull insurance – insurance that protects your car from any risks

The policy covers the hull damage:

  • An accident, even if you are the perpetrator;
  • the damage to the car from natural disasters (fire, flood, hurricane, etc.);
  • partial damage or destruction of the car;
  • the Grand theft auto.

The main difference from the CTP, which covers your responsibility to other drivers and pedestrians, with comprehensive insurance, the insurance company will repair your car.

Policy price the average ranges from 15 to 30 thousand UAH per year. As a rule, to arrange fully comprehensive insurance is 4% of the value of your car. The amount is appreciable, so even the 10% cashback will please the motorist no less than the abolition of quarantine.

So where is the money, Lebowski?

The price of the insurance policy, the insurance company provides the cost of attracting a customer. In fact, this is the part of the cost of the policy, which is the insurance agent for his work. As an insurance agent is physically unable to issue dozens of policies per day, this fee can reach 15-20% of the amount of the policy. Several thousand hryvnia can be a great motivation for the agent to enter into several hull policies in a month. But no more, for more just not enough time.

Online financial aggregators a different model every day to attract a large number of users due to the functionality comparison and online registration policies. The main task – not to sell a particular policy, but to help the client to choose the most optimal. On how to buy online insurance policy, we were told in 2019 in the article. But car insurance is still in the process of digitalization. The translation of this product is completely online requires both legislative changes and changes in the processes of insurance.

What is the essence of the proposal from the

The service has released part full online hull insurance, which helps save. In fact, the customer can compare offers from a few UK and return the part of the Commission which is incorporated in the price of insurance, as the price of customer acquisition. In the end it turns out that choosing the hull on the, you can return up to 7000 UAH.

In fact, since the filing of the application occurs without the intervention of agents, there is an opportunity to share their remuneration with clients.

How to get the bonus from the in the design of the hull

  • Choose an insurance company on
  • Send a request to the insurance company to calculate the cost of hull insurance
  • To pay the contract within 30 days
  • Hotline.Finance will return up to 10% of the price of the policy to your map.

All the benefits of each SK and each product CASCO can be found in the product catalog on the hull

What determines the cost of hull insurance

The price of insurance is influenced by several factors:

  • the cost of the car;
  • make & model of the vehicle;
  • the volume of the engine;
  • year of issue;
  • the driving experience of the owner;
  • the presence or absence of the franchise.

Thus, already some of the UK offer remote design a hull without an office visit. Your insurance company will bring the contract and will inspect the car at your Parking. Progressive SK send the user manual for detailed photo report about the condition of the vehicle, which simplifies even the buying process.

The classic summing up

As a financial marketplace hotline.Finance, on the one hand helps to select and arrange insurance products online, and on the other attracts customers to the insurance companies. The goal is to provide a comfortable and safe choice of buying insurance online. Financial (banking and insurance) services must be online, sure Already the site contains more than 200 insurance programs for drivers and travelers. In the catalog you can find and buy without agents and overpayments: CTP, prepar (policy, increasing the limit of liability of the vehicle owner), the policy Green card, travel insurance, home insurance. And NFCR50 promo code with a discount of 50 UAH. NFCR50 the promo code is valid until the end of 2020.

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