How a supercar behaves without airbags during a crash test (video)

How a supercar behaves without airbags during a crash test (video)


The American company Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus has published a video of testing its promising supercar 004S. The main feature of the model is the complete absence of airbags. The company’s specialists plan to develop a car, the innovative design of which will be able to protect the driver and passenger during collisions without classic airbags. During the crash test, the supercar crashed into a non-deformable barrier at speed.

According to the published footage, the airbags did not deploy during the head-on collision in the supercar. It is not specified what kind of overload the mannequin, which acted as a driver, received. In addition to hitting the barrier, experts checked for fluid leaks in the car after the crash by hanging the 004S upside down. According to representatives of the brand, the results of crash tests satisfied the developers.

The company plans to build the world’s first mass-produced supercar that does not have traditional airbags. Protecting the driver and passenger of the car should be an innovative body structure that will be able to absorb energy in a collision. In addition, a safety steering column is being developed for the supercar, which can fold inside the front panel during a frontal impact, thereby minimizing pressure on the driver’s chest. Moreover, such a design should protect even when driving with an unfastened seat belt.

In 2020, American developers patented a new airbag design. Engineers came up with an airbag cocoon that can cover a passenger during a collision.

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We passed another major crash test. Two more big ones to go. #glickenhaus

Posted by Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus Wednesday, February 9, 2022

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