How are Mercedes electric cars tested?

How are Mercedes electric cars tested?


Mercedes has released a video from its test site in Immendingen, Germany, where the EQA and EQS electric vehicles are currently being tested. Both vehicles are covered in camouflage, but their silhouettes can be quite appreciated.

Actually, the EQA is nothing more than a compromise model, which will be converted into an electric car from the GLA gasoline crossover. Its premiere should take place at the end of this year. The video shows how the car is tested on a wet track and in deep puddles. Unlike the Tesla Model 3, Mercedes passed the puddle test with flying colors.

In turn, the EQS is Mercedes ‘ new flagship electric car, which will receive a completely new platform specifically designed for electric vehicles. It will be released only in 2021. So far, all we know about this car is that its battery charge will last for more than 700 kilometers.

The video mainly shows how the EQS is tested on uneven roads, where the smoothness of the ride is tested, as well as the torsion stiffness of the body to detect extraneous creaks in the cabin. There is also a winding section of the landfill with height differences, where the EQS energy recovery system is worked out on the slopes.

Recall that the company has already promised to create another platform for electric cars by 2025, this time compact. It is expected that it will already serve as the basis for the second-generation EQA, which will lose its affinity with gasoline models.

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