How are the “Euroblachers” punished after the grace period?

How are the “Euroblachers” punished after the grace period?


After the end of the period of customs clearance at a preferential rate, the police issued 170 decisions on fines to owners of non-cleared cars. The agency “Ukrainian News” informs about it.

In particular, from November 11 to December 13, 2021, the National Police issued 159 orders for violation of Part 8 of Art. 121 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of Ukraine (КУоАП). It is used in such cases:

  • the terms of temporary import of a car and / or movement in the customs regime of transit have been violated;
  • the vehicle is used for business and / or income generation in Ukraine;
  • the vehicle was transferred to the possession, use or disposal of a person who did not import it into the customs territory of Ukraine or did not place it in the customs transit regime.

The sanction is a fine of 500 non-taxable minimum (8500 hryvnia). In addition, 11 decisions were made on violation of Part 9 of Art. 121 КУоАП (the above actions performed repeatedly). In this case, the fine for the owners of eurobills is twice as high (17,000 hryvnia) and the driver faces a deprivation of his license for a year and a paid withdrawal of the vehicle.

Recall that with a grace period, customs clearance of cars on euro numbers was valid from May 15 to November 10. During this time, the Ukrainian numbers received 85 thousand Eurobies. The owners of non-cleared cars can now face a fine of up to 170 thousand hryvnia. However, the Ukrainians have already figured out a way to avoid it.

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