How did the Chery Exeed VX handle a head-on collision?

How did the Chery Exeed VX handle a head-on collision?


In China, as part of the Top Safety program, the safety of a large SUV CheryExeed VX was checked. This is not quite a standard crash test: two cars, which were traveling at a speed of 64 kilometers per hour, collided with each other at an angle of 15 degrees and with an overlap of 25 percent, thereby simulating an accident with an oncoming car on the highway. Both SUVs suffered different damage: one of them was rated 100 percent safe and the other 98.8 percent safe.

According to Best Brothers Group, which published the test results, the car that was moving in a straight line was damaged to a greater extent. He, in contrast to the second VX, deformed the front pillar. At the same time, the doors of both SUVs were unlocked, the fuel system was not damaged from the impact, and all passengers remained intact – the active safety systems worked properly.

In China, CheryExeed VX (where the model is sold under the name Exeed VX) is available with a 1.6-liter 197-horsepower “turbo four”, uncontested front-wheel drive and a seven-speed “robot”. A modification with a 2.0-liter turbo engine is also announced, which produces 220 or 254 horsepower.

The SUV is based on the M3X modular platform, developed by Chery in cooperation with the German company Benteler: the “trolley” is suitable not only for cars with an internal combustion engine, but also for hybrids. During the work on the architecture, more than a hundred real tests and a thousand computer simulations were carried out.

In terms of dimensions, the VX can be compared with the Toyota Land Cruiser 200: the dimensions of the model are 4970 x 1940 x 1788 millimeters. Thus, CheryExeed is 20 millimeters longer, 40 millimeters narrower and 167 millimeters lower than the Japanese SUV.

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