How do you fight electric cars in Germany?

How do you fight electric cars in Germany?


The proliferation of electric vehicles is generating more and more cases of vandalism against charging stations. A recent case in Munich attracted our attention with a pretentious ingenuity: unknown persons stuffed the charging connector with minced meat.

Due to damage to the electrical plug, the connector had to be replaced – indicated in the report of the city authorities. But the “jokers” could not be found.

The sophistication of the way the unknowns ruined the charging station suggests they weren’t just bullies – but rather opponents of electric vehicles as such.

The Munich city authorities complain of an increase in vandalism at charging stations. However, in the capital of Bavaria, the frequency of such cases is relatively low – only three percent compared to 17 on average in the country (the editorial staff of “Motor” could not find out the calculation methodology).

However, owners of electric vehicles are faced with aggressive actions not only in Europe, but also on the other side of the Atlantic. Most often, the news reports feature Teslas blocking parking spaces near charging terminals or enveloping them in a cloud of soot from the exhaust pipe – the latter especially sinned by drivers of large pickup trucks with diesel engines.

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