How do you identify phantom patrols?

How do you identify phantom patrols?


In Kiev, a phantom police patrol was spotted in a parking lot. In appearance, it practically does not differ from the usual Skoda Kodiaq and is able to fix the speed of surrounding cars in motion.

The National Police launched the so-called phantom patrols in 2021. Undercover cops control the speed limit and look for intruders, and will also be able to find auto-duplicates.

For this purpose, we decided to buy Skoda Kodiaq crossovers (obviously of the Transcarpathian assembly). Indeed, they do not have flashing lights on the roof, and the color is normal.

However, if you look closely, you can still recognize the phantom patrol. The author of the photo pointed out the differences: these are small flashing beacons in the rear bumper and a radar behind the rear window. Although it’s not so easy to see them at speed.

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