How do you like Elon Musk!? Tavria or Slavuta can be converted into an electric car

How do you like Elon Musk!? Tavria or Slavuta can be converted into an electric car


A small enterprise is ready to turn old ZAZs into electric vehicles with a range of 100 to 230 kilometers. The cost of such an alteration starts at $ 3,700.

In Ukraine, you can now buy an electric Tavria or Slavuta. Or you can electrify your car on a turnkey basis. It goes without saying that ZAZ has nothing to do with these electric vehicles. Old ZAZs are being converted into electric vehicles by a small company, Kozak EV.

It is worth noting that, contrary to skepticism, such cars are not such a bad idea. After all, they no longer have a not very reliable MeMZ engine, and a light body when building an electric car is an advantage. With such conversions, the truth remains a standard gearbox, although such cars can be driven with almost no gear changes.

Currently there are 3 versions available with different ranges and conversion costs. We draw your attention to the fact that we are talking about a rework, the donor car is not included in this price and the customer will have to search for it on their own.

Revision includes replacing the engine with an electric one, installing a battery and charging port, integrating an electric heater into the car’s standard stove. A digital instrument panel is available as an option.

There are 3 versions to choose from:

  • with 12kWh battery: 100-130km range, $3700 rebuild
  • with 16kWh battery: 140-160km range, $4400 rebuild
  • with 24kWh battery: 230km range, $5500 rebuild

More information about these electric vehicles on their YouTube channel.

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