How do you like such an electric car for $ 100


You can buy a car on the Alibaba marketplace. It is expected that the car will not impress with its characteristics, but it is very interesting to look at it.

A very unusual electric car has appeared on the Alibaba website. The main surprise is the budget cost – you can buy a car for $ 100. However, it all depends on the terms of delivery – in some regions you will have to pay $ 4,000.

The car turned out to be very miniature – the length is 2,133 mm, and the width is only 900 mm. Thus, it is the smallest electric car that an adult can drive.

There is a full-fledged driver’s seat in the car’s cab, we also note that there are four wheels, like a classic car. Also in the equipment there are headlights and rear-view mirrors, so the car can be operated on public roads. Engine power is only 1.3 hp, which allows the electric car to accelerate to 40 km / h.

You can drive only 60 km without additional charging.

Obviously, in urban conditions this is not always enough, but for moving inside a village or a large estate, it is quite suitable.

Meanwhile, it became known that Ford is starting to accept applications for a new coupe-like crossover Evos. The car turned out to be big and will compete with premium cars in the Chinese car market.

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