How do you like the future? In China, created a concept car with a “floating in the air” screen

How do you like the future? In China, created a concept car with a “floating in the air” screen


MG Motor (owned by China’s SAIC Motor) has released the first details of the Maze concept car, which was entirely inspired by video games.

The futuristic one-piece MG Maze with its appearance resembles advanced gaming gadgets. In addition, the concept can be used as a game simulator. MG Maze is distinguished not only by an unusual body silhouette and large wheels, but also by a large number of transparent surfaces. So, a two-seater saloon is covered with a polycarbonate hood, which immediately serves as a roof, doors and windows and can be folded back. Major components of the MG Maze electric propulsion system are also on display.

Anatomical seats at MG Maze are mounted on independent “robo-arms” suspensions and can be moved, facilitating the process of boarding and disembarking. All controls of the MG Maze concept car have been replaced with a single touchscreen located on the center console, but the car is equipped with a kind of holographic projector: it provides a huge screen “floating in the air” in front of the car.

With the help of this display, personal gadgets, as well as the MG Maze concept’s own processor, its passengers will be able to play video games without leaving the car. It is reported that the gameplay can involve elements of augmented reality and be tied to a specific physical location. It has not yet been announced about any technical parameters of MG Maze, nor about its serial prospects. This project was developed by the design studio of the Chinese corporation SAIC, located in London.

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