How does BMW cope with used batteries?

How does BMW cope with used batteries?


It is believed that lithium-ion batteries are harmful to the environment due to the impossibility of recycling. In fact, even during the development phase, the BMW Group engineers are thinking about how to dispose of batteries.

There are two main methods for recycling batteries. In the first case, the process begins with disassembling the battery module and extracting valuable raw materials.

Then the aluminum jacket, electrode material and separating diaphragm are sent to the shredder. As a result, the battery is almost completely recycled.

The essence of the second method of disposal comes down to stratification by heating the battery cells to high temperatures. The components contained inside melt and separate from each other without mixing.

The life cycle of an electric vehicle battery is as close as possible to a closed one. And progress does not stand still – up to 90% of the materials in the battery design of the new BMW i4 are recyclable.

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