How does the “cave” Honda Jazz (video)

How does the “cave” Honda Jazz (video)


Jefferson Palma created an expeditionary car based on the urban family model Jazz 2015 year of release, which not only got the 30-inch off-road tires and a winch and snorkel from Toyota Land Cruiser, rear mounted spare wheel, has hitch device and the antenna to amplify the signal, as well as two small Jerry cans and roof rack.

On the resulting SUV Palma explores mine and Brown Monster Mine, located in the desert region of California. It is very big and many of the tunnels is wide enough that jazz could pass.


Be prepared – this path is not for the faint of heart or ill-prepared, wrote the palm under the posted video. – Any mistake can have serious consequences. In the mine there are many places where visible signs of collapse.

We offer you to watch the video unusual trip for an unusual car.

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