How Ford cheated with Bronco power, and why it’s good

How Ford cheated with Bronco power, and why it’s good


Model shipments should start next month.

The revived Ford Bronco was completely declassified last summer, but continues to surprise. On the thematic forum, Bronco6G published a document with the technical characteristics of the 2021 SUV model year, and the numbers contained in it are slightly different from those previously announced by the manufacturer itself.

In July 2020, Ford announced for Bronco two petrol turbo engines of the EcoBoost family: a 2.3-liter “four” with 274 hp. and 420 Nm and a 2.7-liter V6 with 315 hp. and 542 Nm. If you believe the new data, the performance of both units will be higher: the younger will give out 305 hp. and 441 Nm, senior – 335 hp. and 563 Nm. True, only on condition of using premium fuel. Engines are combined with a seven-speed manual or a 10-band automatic, as promised.

Acceptance of orders for Ford Bronco was opened immediately after the premiere, and a huge queue immediately lined up behind it, but deliveries have not yet begun, although they were supposed to be established by this spring. Production plans were disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic and problems with suppliers: the industry, and not only the automotive industry, is currently experiencing an acute shortage of microcircuits. Under the new plan, the first buyers will receive their Bronco this summer, around June 20. SUV prices start at $ 28,500.

Meanwhile, Ford’s American dealers are in full swing preparing for the return of the iconic name to the market: some even decided to open separate showrooms for Bronco in a special style.

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