How Ford plans to sell the new Mach-E

How Ford plans to sell the new Mach-E


When a manufacturer launches a new model, dealers often declare a set of discounts that are designed to entice the customer into the showroom. However, Ford decided to go the unconventional way and sent special conditions to all its trading venues.

Coming to the dealership for a tempting offer, the buyer is often faced with a higher price tag, but that’s unimportant, because he is interested in the product and have come to the store. Ford decided to break this stereotype, giving its dealers the task is not to promote a new Mach-E below the recommended retail price. It is reported by Auto Informant with reference to the Motor1.


Buyers go to dealerships, and instead of trying to get high numbers, new Mach-E will meet them with lower price. Anyway, in theory. It seems that Ford really wants to make customers happy when it comes to Mach-E. Automaker, has faced a serious backlash from the fans of the Mustang due to the fact that the four-door SUV was named after the legendary pony car, which belonged to him for over 55 years. 13 657 people signed a petition to change the name Mach-E, and President of the American club Mustang has faced significant backlash in his approval of Mach-E. To honor Ford, the company says that all models First Edition is already sold out, but Ford did not specify how many.

There is plenty of time before even the first models of the Mach-E will appear in dealerships. Cars First Edition at a price of $61 000 will not go on sale before 2020.

Do you think this approach is correct? What will happen to the sales Mach-E?

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