How has the market for used cars, a year after the legalization of “avtonomerov”

How has the market for used cars, a year after the legalization of “avtonomerov”


A year has passed since the mass legalization “EuroBLECH”, and from the beginning of 2020 – ended deferral of payment of penalties for late registration, which gave BP. But the number of imported used cars are not only not decreasing, but rather increasing. AUTO-Consulting has analyzed how a change in the domestic used car market, and what may be expected in the near future.

In 2019, the year companies and individuals in Ukraine have been imported over 400 thousand (!) b/y car. Thus, the used car market in 4 times exceeds the market of new cars. But only in the beginning of 2019, the AUTO-Consulting wrote that the used car market set a new record and exceeded the new car market 3 times. By the end of 2019 – in 4. And we emphasize that we are talking about legal customs cleared the car.

In 2008, when the Ukrainian market showed record sales of new cars in 623 thousand units (!), import used cars then was only 3289 units, and internal resale of auto – less than 400 thousand.


In 2016, which actually began the mass importation of used cars into Ukraine, the import of used cars was less than 20 thousand units In 2017 rose to almost 60 thousand units, and in 2018, nearly 120 thousand pieces And all this time domestic resale ranged from 442 to 487 thousand units thousand units That is the growth of the car market was due to “fresh” import. And in 2019, when the import of used cars due to the legalization of “EuroBLECH” increased to 400 597 thousand vehicles, domestic reselling also jumped to 596 896 PCs This means that nearly 200 thousand legalised at preferential rates cars immediately pereprodaet.

The record volume of import cars used cars was installed in November last year. In one month the market has absorbed 28377 PCs And record on the internal resales belongs to Dec 2019 – nearly 65 thousand.

How all this has affected the age of the imported used cars? At the beginning of last year, the age of used cars that are imported to Ukraine was as follows. Most – almost 38% in 2018, imported cars aged 11-15 years – it was those “EuroBLECH”. On the second place in popularity – about 32% (i.e., third) car was older than 15 years (also mostly former “EuroBLECH”). Cars aged 6-10 years old – almost 17%, 3-5 years – 10% and up to 2 years is 3.5%. Today the picture is somewhat different. It is pleasing to note that the imported fleet younger. But not by much.

So, in the first place and left the car at the age of 11-16 years. But they are now 31%. Decreased and the share of cars older than 16 years 27%. But both these categories, mostly, and consisted of legalized “EuroBLECH”. The share of cars aged 8-10 years – 15%. But the share of younger vehicles aged 3-5 years increased to 15%, and 6-7 years – up to 9%. At the same time, decreased slightly to 3% – import the youngest car in under 2 years.

What is happening now? In January 2020 imports of used cars amounted to a decent figure – pieces 23858 house resale in January this year amounted to 67882 PCs And it – almost half (81%) more than in January 2019 and about 3 thousand cars more than in December.


It should be noted that an abnormally large increase in the number of used cars is not only a Ukrainian problem. Now a similar phenomenon is observed in Turkey and in Spain. So the registration of new cars in Spain in the last year fell by 4.8% and new car sales to private customers decreased by 12%. However, the demand for cars older than 20 years increased by 17%.

In Turkey last year bought 6.23 million cars. This is the sum of new and used, and it is 20% more than in 2017, a year before the collapse of the Turkish currency. At the same time, new car sales over the same period fell to 387 000. A collapse of the exchange rate of the Turkish Lira have led to the fact that used cars still expensive. On average, 120% for the last 2 years.

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