How iPhone Can Steal Your Car

How iPhone Can Steal Your Car


Apple AirTags make it easy to find your keys, or wallet. But they can also be used for criminal purposes. In Canada, car thieves have learned how to attach them to cars and follow the routes of victims.

RBC-Ukraine Auto reports this with a link to BGR.

Canadian police investigating car thefts reported that five cases have so far been identified in the country in which thieves installed Apple AirTags on cars in order to later find and steal them. The police explained that AirTags are placed on the car in less obvious places while it is parked in a public place

Using the iPhone, attackers monitor the route of the selected car and determine its overnight stay. Since thieves know where the car is, they usually wait until nightfall and steal.

In their report, the police specifically mentioned Apple AirTags as the most popular device of this type on the market, but counterparts from Samsung, Xiaomi and other electronics manufacturers are used in such an insidious way.

The only surefire way to avoid being monitored in this way is to regularly check your vehicle and report to the police if you notice any suspicious tracking devices.

Interestingly, Apple has learned to notify users of its devices if an unknown AirTag moves with them at a very close distance. But experiments show that such a warning may appear too late – in a few days.

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