How many years was the most popular electric country?


If you are even a little follow the development of the electric mobility movement in our country, you probably can name and the most popular models of electric cars. This, of course, the champion of all and all the Nissan Leaf, then – with a huge margin in their favor – followed by Tesla Model S and BMW i3.

Almost all electric cars that you can meet on our roads, was bought new. So what’s really interesting is ahead of the year ends (that is, at the moment when it’s time to line up the results) to find out which release of electric cars in Ukraine are the most popular.

Japanese electric car Leaf from the beginning of 2014 we have recorded for the first time 10172 times. Among these cars and it is quite battered – Ukraine put on the account 13 of electric cars in 2010 (recall that 2010 is the first year of issue Leaf). 2011 and 2012 – cars 511 and 582, respectively.

But the most successful are the next three year. On our roads travels 2858 bodices of 2013, 2681 electric car 2014 and 2337 of cars 2015 release. But the models of the second generation (officially presented in 2017, but will go on sale in the U.S. and Europe in early 2018) for obvious reasons – quite a bit. 169 cars of 2018, and only 8 “trains” of 2019.

In the second position of the podium – the most expensive electric car among our top-list liftback Executive class Tesla Model S. C 2014 we recorded 913 such vehicles. The us launch of the electric vehicle occurred in 2012, and “the firstborn” of this year in Ukraine was only 24. The most popular is the year 2015 – the electric vehicle 234. A little worse proved to 2016 and 2013 – 182 and 174 of the vehicle, respectively.

No need to write off, and the other two Tesla model presented on the roads of Ukraine: the Model X crossover and Model 3 sedan. In our market 319 and 175 cars accordingly – not such a bad result, especially when you consider the cost of each of the instances.

Closes the top three BMW i3. The portfolio of this brand – total (or “whole”, if you compare with Nissan), two electric i3 and i3S. However, since the beginning of 2014, “AI-third” we had was 877 copies, and the first – 2013 – year – 6. Popular of all are the cars, released in 2014 and 2015 years, 296 and 301, respectively.

But the most interesting is that, according to official data, Ukraine has not registered any electric car i3 2019, the year of release. But there is only one such i3S. The answer to the question, why is it that you’ll find in our story “Chepachet” on the BMW i3.

The conclusion is simple: now on our roads, the most popular are electric cars produced in 2014-th and 2015-th years. It is important for cheaper Leaf and i3 (there is a balance of cost of the electric vehicle and the residual battery capacity at the time of purchase) and the more expensive Tesla model, although in context you need to make a correction. The initial battery capacity of the Tesla allows us to consider the purchase of this electric car tempting even for the incident 6 years after graduation (this can be judged by the fact that most models of 2013 were purchased in 2018-2019.).

The fact that more and more drivers choose electric cars, I think encouraging. This is one of the steps to implement big goal for purifying the air from emissions in our cities and change the entire road infrastructure of our country.

By the way, about this and about other things you can read in our article “good to see the air you breathe”.

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