How much do the largest automakers earn per second?

How much do the largest automakers earn per second?


Experts of the Uswitch portal conducted a study, during which they calculated the earnings of the ten largest world car manufacturers. Moreover, if companies usually report on monthly or quarterly income, now it has become known how much auto giants earn every hour, minute and even second. While you finish reading this news, the largest auto concerns will earn hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Toyota took the first place in the ranking of the most profitable brands. According to experts, with an annual revenue of $ 275 billion, a Japanese brand makes $ 8,371 every second. In a minute, Toyota’s revenue is $ 523,889. The second place with 8 073 dollars per minute was taken by the Volkswagen concern. Thus, the German concern receives $ 29.1 million per hour.

Daimler closes the top three – $ 355,363 per minute, which is $ 5,589 per second. Closes the list of the most profitable Nissan brands, with annual sales of $ 91 billion. This gives the Japanese brand $ 2,882 every second.

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