How much does the new Land Cruiser 300 cost?

How much does the new Land Cruiser 300 cost?


The new generation Toyota Land Cruiser will go on sale in early August. With the change of generations, the legendary Japanese frame SUV will receive an index of the 300 series, move to a new platform, and also change its appearance and engine line.

According to insiders, a generational change through improved quality and safety, as well as the installation of new engines will increase prices for Land Cruisers by an average of 500 thousand yen (about $ 4,600).

For the current Toyota Land Cruiser 200 in Japan, we recall, now they ask from 4 million 826 thousand 800 to 6 million 974 thousand yen, or 44 200 – 63 900 dollars at the current exchange rate.

Thus, prices for the new generation will start from about 5 million 327 – 7 million 474 thousand yen (3 million 638 – 5 million 105 thousand rubles at the current exchange rate).

The Land Cruiser 300 will also have a sporty version of the GR, which is expected to cost more than 10 million yen or $ 91,600.

It is not yet known how much the SUV will rise in price and when it will reach our market.

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