How much has the chip shortage hit the auto industry?

How much has the chip shortage hit the auto industry?


The shortage of electronic components can reduce the global production of vehicles this year by 7-9 million units of cars – this is the conclusion of the analysts of the Boston Consulting Group.

According to the research, the most significant losses in auto production in the first half of 2021 were suffered by Ford – the volume of vehicle production decreased by more than 700 thousand auto units. The fall was also recorded at the Stellantis concern, which did not produce almost 600 thousand copies, and Renault – more than 415 thousand cars.

Also, the Boston Consulting Group noted that the supply of electronic components is gradually resuming, but the pandemic continues to make its adjustments. “We expect the supply of microchips to reach the level when it can meet the demand of the industry, no earlier than 2 half of 2022.” This is because a typical production cycle is 10-12 weeks and the board assembly capacity is busy 6-12 months in advance.

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