How much is convertible Lexus LC?

How much is convertible Lexus LC?


Just in time for the summer season, Lexus has published pricing information on its new LC 500 Convertible (cabriolet). Chic new 2021 model year was first introduced in November 2019 at the motor show in Los Angeles (USA), and now we finally know how much will cost this car. So, the minimum price is 101 000 dollars, which makes this car slightly more than $ 8,000 more expensive than the same model in the coupe.

As one would expect from a luxury car, convertible from Lexus can be ordered with many additional options.

Instead of 20-inch alloy wheels that are standard, you can choose forged wheels of the same size with the finish of a “dark graphite” for an additional 210 1 dollars, or to order the 21-inch set of 2 for $ 650.


For an additional $ 595 you can choose a bold exterior colours Cadmium Orange, Yellow and Infrared Flare. Approximately for the same money you can ask Lexus to add to the body of a car a few carbon fibre elements.

Those who have more money, you can configure the LC 500 convertible with extra personal options including audio system Mark Levinson for 1220 dollars, with limited slip differential Torsen for $ 460 and a projection display for $ 900.

If you select all options, when ordering a convertible Lexus LC 500, then the final price will be 132 000$.

Also suggest you to see a detailed test drive of the Lexus LC 500 from the team

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