How Polish police patrol highways on drones (video)

How Polish police patrol highways on drones (video)


Technologies on guard of order are no longer news. Today, drivers should keep an eye on fixed and mobile cameras, medium speed cameras, marked and undercover cars, helicopters, and sometimes drones. Or just not violate the traffic rules.

A video posted by the Polish police shows cars and motorcycles crossing a solid white line to overtake slow cars, blissfully unaware of their misdeeds being seen from the sky. However, police drones are quite small and fly high enough to be noticed by drivers focused on overtaking. Even when a police officer goes out on the road to stop them, they still don’t know they’ve been caught in a violation.

Poland is not the only country that uses drone technology to catch drivers. UK law enforcement first started using drones equipped with high-definition cameras and thermal imaging equipment back in 2019. Their anti-crime drones have also been deployed in Queensland, Australia this summer. Drones are also used by the police in some US states.

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