How Porsche Dies

How Porsche Dies


In one of the far from civilization corners of the state of California, a dump of old Porsche 928 cars was found. As the Carscoops edition writes, citing a Facebook post of a certain Steve Rhodes, who found these cars, at least 13 vehicles are stored here. Their owner is known, but he has no plans to part with them.

It is known that Steve Rhodes came across this place in search of locations for filming his own TV show. Among the forgotten cars, you can see the Porsche 928 model of various versions with different engines: from the cars of the first years of production to the final modifications.

It is reported that the dry climate of Southern California, as well as special technologies for manufacturing the bodies of Porsche sports cars, have allowed them to not rust. However, the technical condition of these machines is far from perfect.

According to Steve Rhodes, the owner of the cars for some time simply stored them on this territory: he is on friendly terms with its owner. Later, the owner of the cars simply lost interest in his collection, but does not plan to sell it. The author of the pictures of the “parking lot” especially notes that this territory is difficult to access, and is also fenced and guarded.

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