How to buy a car in the US to $ 2000?

How to buy a car in the US to $ 2000?

It is really true that in the USA auto auctions and site selling a vehicle can be bought very cheaply. And it’s not free cheese happens only in a mousetrap. First, the car needs to be imported and customs cleared. And secondly, cheap sell mainly cars with damage, although not critical. But still these cars “turnkey” will be cheaper analogues in Ukraine by 30-50%. It is a proven practice company of America Motors. Otherwise the sites about “buying and shipping cars from the United States” did not grow like mushrooms after rain.

Why is it so cheap?

In the US cars, in principle, are cheaper. And if it was some sort of nuisance in the form of an accident, theft or simply hail, the American is always easier and cheaper to get a payout from the insurance and buy a new one. Damaged cars insurance companies sell through auctions at a minimum price, to at least partially compensate for a payoff. This is the first reason of low prices. The second – cheaper than sold the car not running (for example, the sub-brands like Acura) because they are a small competition. The third is that sometimes a trading platform they are quick sales, late-night auction, participate in which willing a lot less.

What you need to do to find such a car?

Ordinary car owners – natural persons find it yourself quite difficult. First, on the major sites selling cars, you need to have a license. Secondly, natural persons cannot, at the right price to bring a car from USA to Ukraine – still need a facilitator for transportation. It will be so much cheaper and safer than to do it yourself. Thirdly, to really find a car at a good price, you need to regularly monitor trading platform. Not everyone has the time for it.

But desperate situations does not happen. For all these manipulations have a dealer — a company specializing in the selection, purchase and delivery of cars directly from American auto auctions.

Work with dealers conveniently. You sign a contract with guarantees, and for quite sane money experts are monitoring the cars that fit your budget and parameters. If the machine is found, the managers carefully check her Carfax database, which is available to the entire history of the car. In the US it is strictly and clearly. In addition, there are several other free and paid resources from which you can also get information about the car. Then the photographs and, if available, the video or panorama shooting, together with the experts at body work, is determined by the degree of damage to the vehicle. After that, bids for the auction, usually online. Importantly, all this must be done quickly – a good car for a long time did not stand!

Then what?

When the car is bought, you need to bring him in. It is the dealer delivers your car to the terminal in the United States, prepares export documents, arranges container shipping to the destination. On arrival in the Ukrainian port, a reliable company, such as AMERICA MOTORS, always ask, will you do to pick up the car from the port and customs clearance. Clients are normally asked to produce all the formalities of customs clearance and deliver the car to the door. The decision on the body repair, too, is always yours. You can do this yourself or entrust the task to the dealer who always has some proven partner garages where the car will make a “turnkey”.

As you can see, buying and shipping cars from the USA really makes sense – it is cheaper and the car can be bought in much better condition than the same in Ukraine. It is important to choose the right and reputable retailer that will help you with this.

Please contact Motors of America that expectations were always justified!

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