How to buy Volvo XC90 half the price?

How to buy Volvo XC90 half the price?


Sales of the new Lynk & Co 09 crossover, which is based on the Volvo XC90, have started in China. The flagship of Lynk & Co turned out to be cheaper than the co-platform, and significantly: prices start at 265,900 yuan ($ 41,600), while the XC90 costs almost twice as much on the local market. The 09th received three modifications: with a gasoline engine and an electric superstructure in the form of a starter-generator, as well as two hybrid ones, with and without charging from an outlet.

Crossover 09 became the first model in the Lynk & Co lineup, built on the modular SPA (Scalable Product Architecture) architecture, familiar from the Volvo 60- and 90-series, as well as the Polestar 1 hybrid. For the modification with a two-liter gasoline turbo engine, which produces 252 horsepower and is complemented by a 48-volt starter-generator, in China asking 265.9 thousand yuan ($ 41,600).

An alternative are hybrid modifications, also with a two-liter engine, but supplemented by an electric motor on the rear axle. In the first case, the crossover does not have the function of recharging from a regular outlet and it costs from 315,900 yuan ($ 49,400), while in the second it does, so it is priced at 370,900 yuan ($ 58,000).

For a surcharge, “smart” systems are offered (the complex will cost eight thousand yuan), air suspension and a special design grille (25 thousand yuan, or $ 3,900).

Thus, the cost of the most expensive Lynk & Co 09, including additional equipment, reaches 423.9 thousand yuan ($ 66 300). For comparison, prices for the Volvo XC90 Recharge start at 894.9 thousand yuan ($ 139,900).

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