How to cheat Tesla autopilot?

How to cheat Tesla autopilot?


Experts organized a series of road tests and found an interesting pattern. The Tesla autopilot was tested by Consumer Reports engineers, and they chose a closed track for their experiments.

Experts managed to find a way to deceive smart electronics so that the autopilot function turns on even when there is no one in the electric car. The Tesla Model Y crossover was chosen for the experiment.

An electric car with a working autopilot drove along a given route, only it did not warn that the driver’s seat was empty. To confuse the electronics, the organizers of the experiment placed a rather heavy chain on the steering wheel, thus imitating the driver’s hands. This simple method helped to confuse the system. The automaker itself has not yet commented on the results of this test.

Tesla’s autopilot has attracted close attention of experts after a fatal accident in which two Houston residents died. The Tesla Model S sedan was carved into wood and then tanned. Whether autopilot was used is unknown.

At the same time, the driver’s seat was empty: one man was found in the front passenger seat, the second was in the back row at the time of the accident.

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