How to choose alloy wheels: review of the best producers


On the Ukrainian market of auto parts is now just a huge selection of alloy wheels. Want to choose, but the eyes diverge.

There are models for every taste and purse, but which among them is really high quality?

Online catalog analyzed the market and chose 7 of the best manufacturers of the discs that really create a quality product. Let’s see, drives what companies are worth to put them on your car.


You should start immediately with the best. The quality casting company BBS holds the position of leader for many years. Drives even the most budget lines keep the load and the bumps and a huge number of models will help you to tune any cars.

Quality rims BBS have long been recognized as the world’s motorists. Almost half of the professional racing cars are equipped with it is the BBS wheels. That, in principle, is not surprising, because the leaders of the company are former race car drivers.


  • Great quality, great resistance to shock and mechanical wear.
  • Huge selection of models.
  • Light weight discs.
  • Several stages of output control of the products guarantees the safety and durability of the discs.


  • The price is very high even on the “budget” series.

The BBS wheels you can choose in the catalogue


German manufacturer of drive by the standards of the automotive business is still a novice — he’s on the market “only” 20 years. But this does not prevent him to create discs of high quality at very reasonable prices.

Probably, wheels Alutec maintain the best balance between price and quality. They are ideal for almost all cars in the budget and the middle class. However, even on the Ukrainian roads, they retain quite a large margin.

Before starting mass production, every new model is tested with true German pedantry. The average is about 300 tests. The model goes on sale only if it passes all of them.


  • Affordable price compared to other manufacturers.
  • Excellent balance price-quality.
  • A wide range — you can easily find solid rims for the car or work of fine tuning personal.
  • High strength and wear resistance of all models.


  • Official dealers of the company’s guarantees of CDs not more than a year, even though the original warranty is 5 years.
  • Increased strength is achieved due to the increased mass. On average, rims Alutec 25-50% heavier than more expensive counterparts.

OZ Racing

A true example of Italian quality and refinement. Company OZ Racing creates true masterpieces, combining the pretentiousness of forms and the highest strength drives.

The company never uses cheaper raw materials. All drives are made only from aluminum-magnesium alloy and pass through several stages of heat treatment. That is why drives have an excellent level of elasticity, which is quite important for our roads.

OZ Racing is the official sponsor of the world rally Championship for more than 30 years. Many professional sports teams for decades to ride on their wheels and not going to change the manufacturer.


  • Excellent aesthetics — OZ Racing produce some of the most beautiful drives on the market.
  • High elasticity materials — the disks do not lose their shape and do not crack even after repeated contact with potholes. To damage them is extremely difficult.
  • High strength — despite the pretentiousness of forms, the disks are very durable even for direct hits.


  • The company is releasing a budget line of products.
  • Many interesting models do not export, therefore, comes to us of 30% of the total range.


The Japanese are very careful about the production of cars, so Enkei is consistently in the top best manufacturers drives.

Traditionally, Enkei uses only the most modern production technologies, investing in the development of lines is just a lot of money. They were among the first to use the technology of casting disks with hollow spokes. Such models are practically not inferior to the strength of coherent drives, but it is easier for 15-25%.

The cost of CDs is adequate. Due to the transfer of production to Vietnam and India Enkei manage to maintain the highest quality of goods and maintain good prices.


  • Huge range for all types and models of vehicles.
  • Excellent quality along with adequate cost.
  • Great external coating that does not tarnish and does not oxidize even in winter, when the roads are sprinkled with chemicals.


  • If not buy it from an official seller, very high risk of running into a Chinese fake.

The Enkei wheels you can choose in the catalogue


Germans love to bring everything to the ideal. Therefore, even such a process as the creation of drives they manage to envelop a huge number of technological features.

AEZ when creating drives uses almost all the modern technology available today. Ultrasonic testing for voids, die casting, low pressure, special heat treatment, which increases the strength of the material — wheels from AEZ can be considered as one of the most difficult in the production of generally all available.

The company has sport drive models that use even in the supercars.


  • Consistently excellent quality, thanks to higher automation and technology of the production process.
  • Huge selection of models of any auto: from budget to luxury cars.
  • Special production technology to reduce the weight of the disks by 15-20% without compromising the strength.


  • The high cost even on a “budget” model.


Scary to imagine, but this company produces rims for almost 140 years! It is on their disks rode many European legends of the automotive industry.

With all this Borbet ensures consistently high product quality and prices are quite normal for the average motorist. The company provides good balance and durability of discs, high-quality exterior coating. But because of the traditional production technology can’t boast a variety of designs.

For lovers of functionality this is a great option. But fans to tune your car with unusual shapes Borbet will not work.


  • Consistently good quality at affordable price.


  • A rare visitor in the Ukrainian shops.
  • Very limited selection of forms and designs.

Borbet can be selected in the catalog


This German company creates discs for sports car, designed for heavy loads. The margin of safety from them is huge — they easily withstand even the stress load like potholes at speeds above 150 km/h.

The producers really confuse on the creation of a huge lineup on the disks, so even the most discriminating motorists will be able to find something for your car.

Of course, Dotz wheels can be installed on normal cars, but the high price and premium feed brand a little discouraged buyers. However, the wheels Dotz are really worth every penny — such a strength can boast, not all manufacturers.


  • Higher strength and wear resistance materials.
  • Great design on all models.
  • A large number of models.


  • High cost.
  • The complete absence of budget lines in the product range.


In our market you can find a huge number of models of drives from different manufacturers. And over time they are becoming more. Sometimes the Chinese suddenly release a good product, and it happens that Germany produces not very good quality.

You are free to choose any wheels for your car. But if you really care about the health of the machine and motion comfort, the products of any of the seven above mentioned companies will suit you fine.

Buy quality discs and good luck on the road!

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