How to choose high-tech solutions for the auto


Thank you Xzibit for that pimped my ride!

This phrase wanted to tell every guy in the “zero”, but overseas movement has not reached us. Yes, there were a couple of TV projects simulating the tuning, but it was not.

The boys grew up, bought cars, and plunged into life forgetting about the consoles in the trunk and the monitor in the ceiling. Forgotten, but not for long, their inner Xzibit reminded myself just at the moment when one of these, sitting to the fellow in the car, saw the monitor multimedia system with touch controls, who had never put on such a car. The system looked so organic and “regular” that one was born a logical question:

– Custom made?

No, not in that order, is set for routine installation from Gazer – could be answered by the owner of the car, but he invented the character and the answer for it.

Most of the cars out of the showrooms with multimedia standard. Even if it is display then that is the maximum navigation, music and all. But if we are talking about the secondary market, it is here at all is quite sad. The standard multimedia device is hopelessly obsolete almost immediately as the vehicle leaves the lot.

Electronics market and is updated faster than the car market. If the machine can live on the line from 3 years, the electronics is updated more often.

Just to meet the needs as additional opportunities in the market and there are in-car infotainment systems from Gazer.

Let’s talk about the range of devices.

All devices can be divided into 4 series CM50xx, CM60xx, CM65xx, CM70xx, and they differ not only index, but first that combines.

The Android operating system 9.0 (depending on year) – intuitive and simple, allows you to use the device as a normal tablet. All screens from 7” equipped with IPS matrix with HD resolution that gives you a cool image on any content. The display, of course, multitouch touchscreen with anti-reflective coating. As for the music, and additional devices – Hi-Fi sound, AirPlay, MHL, MirrorLink and CarPlay. Ah Yes, the “XX” at the end is the size of the monitor.

Pretty good basic set, and now about the differences.

The range of devices includes models with Full Touch and with the analog buttons and krutilki – as you prefer. Series CM60xx equipped with a DVD drive and a series CM65xx no. Flagship series CM70xx this Tesla Edition, large vertical screen which shows the climate control system of the vehicle.

The multimedia device from the Gazer is designed for a particular car, even depending on the year. The device is installed in a regular place and connected via CAN bus to the onboard computer of the car which, later, manages them. Thus, the car sees the device as “native”. You available control buttons on the steering wheel, work with the climate and the withdrawal of other system information on the screen of the device.

As a real example, from over 40 models, take Gazer CM6510-JF is specially designed for Kia Optima 2010-2017. These machines are a mountain brought from the States and the media they are all pretty sad.

The model is equipped with a 10” IPS HD anti-reflective display and a capacitive sensor with multitouch support (up to 5 points). Simple operation and a comfortable view from any angle is provided. On iron and is a super powerful 8-core processor 1.5 GHz, RAM 4 Gb, flash memory of 32 Gb and a slot for MicroSD up to 64 Gb. Additionally it is possible to connect external USB rollup disk up to 2Tb.

About full integration in the regular system of the car mentioned above – it’s simple and “here and there”. The possibility of synchronizing your phone with the device and the Hands Free function is available through Bluetooth and great external microphone. Improved FM radio reception, easy connection of inner tubes from the Gazer, Wi-Fi and support for 3G modems – it’s all there by default.

Additionally, you can always extend the functionality of devices by connecting different external devices. Such as 2 additional monitor for the rear row passengers.

Why not business class?

System for routine installation, as well as universal kits from British brand Gazer stand out in the market. Firstly due to engineering, not marketing the approach to developing devices. Secondly, in the main, due to the gained the trust of the consumer to the product brand for over 10 years.

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