How to combine with a child one car for two?

How to combine with a child one car for two?


James Scudder collects miniature cars. So one of them, the collector decided to turn into a real vehicle for everyday driving. And the keen inventor succeeded.

RiiRoo Super Sport XL is a plastic electric car, somewhat reminiscent of the Porsche Boxster. For a toy, he has enviable equipment: working lighting, opening doors, pneumatic tires and even an acoustic system. But the car does not have a suspension; miniature seats with a wide wing, which makes it difficult to maneuver, also create inconveniences.

In the factory version, the toy was equipped with a 12-volt motor, but Skudder replaced it with a more powerful 24-volt unit and added an additional traction battery. As a result, the maximum speed increased to 35 km / h, and the power reserve – up to 6.4 km.

What’s most interesting, the RiiRoo Super Sport XL has been issued official documents, and now it can be used for driving on public roads. We do not undertake to explain how this is possible, because the car has neither seat belts, nor head restraints, nor any protection at all. Most likely, the miniature car passed the so-called “basic individual inspection”, which allows unusual models to be allowed on the streets without crash tests.

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